Gas Station Insurance

Gas Station Insurance is one of the more complex insurances out there. Let’s take the station down the road from our office. The owner had room at the back of the property, so they put in a car wash. The owner’s son is a mechanic, so they added a service garage. The owner’s wife love’s antiques, so they added a gift shop. So they now have a gas station, car wash, garage, and gift shop extravaganza! Coverage at this point can get a bit messy if you don’t approach it with the Inside advantage.

Convenience Store Coverage may need to include:

Premises Liability

Food Spoilage

Underground Storage Tank Coverage

Garage Liability

Car wash

Employee Dishonesty

24 hr Store Endorsement

Hazardous material

Workers Compensation

Don’t assume you have the right coverage, especially if you are more than “just a gas station”. For example, if your gas station has tanks are 25 years old, or you have had previous contamination/spill. Your current policy may exclude coverage in the future. Get to know all the inside information about your gas station insurance policy…. get to know Inside Insurance! Inside Insurance has been offering insurance for over 50 years. With Inside Insurance you truly are taking advantage of the inside information. Call today¬†866.672.9668