compare car insurance rates

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How do you compare car insurance rates? Every company promises to save you money, while switching could save you, how do you know when to switch, if you should switch and what to compare? Not all car insurance companies are created equal. What you don’t know could cost you!

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If you are not happy with the service of your insurance company or if you have not price checked your policy in a while, it may be time. In addition, if you have had life changes come up, such as the purchase of a home, marriage, a new car or if you’ve hit certain age milestones, these could all contribute to getting a better rate.

Believe it or not, jumping around from one insurance carrier to another, could be costing you. There are loyalty discounts to varying degrees in almost every insurance company. You can also be rated better if they see that you’ve stuck with your previous company for a decent amount of time.

While you compare car insurance rates you should remember to compare apples to apples. Are you comparing equal coverage limits, and deductibles? In addition, are you comparing their customer service ratings? What about extra services such as roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, vanishing deductibles, accident forgiveness and more.

The cheapest insurance quote, may be just that, cheap insurance. Don’t sell yourself short, often times a couple of extra dollars a month could mean the difference between bottom of the barrel coverage, or peace of mind reassurance.

Make sure you have a professional insurance advocate on your side! Make sure you work with an agent who has the inside advantage! Inside Insurance agents broker with dozens of insurance companies who design coverage to suit your needs. Typical insurance agents are tied to only one insurance carrier and they will naturally be biased to that one company. Let the professional independent insurance agents with Inside do the work for you! You’re sure to find the right car insurance to fit your needs and budget, when you partner with Inside Insurance!