Compare High Value Home Insurance

You purchased your home to provide security, comfort and refuge for you and your family. Now it’s time to protect that security. With thousands of insurance companies, when you want to compare high value home insurance it definitely can be daunting. With a few tips, and the inside information, we can help you find the best discounts and coverages to ensure that the roof over your head is as well covered as you are. There are some basic discounts that can be overlooked; for example, ask yourself some of these simple iStock_9091868_LARGEquestions to see what discounts are eligible to you:

• Is your home new?
• Is it claim free?
• Do you have extra safety features such as home a security alarm or cameras?
• Are you a non-smoker?
• Do you live close to a fire station?

(Remember the obvious discount of bundling your other policies together, for a multi-policy discount).

Even more important than price is ensuring proper coverage, a few extra dollars can add up to substantially better coverage. Make sure you are getting the proper coverage for all of your valuables inside the house. Not everything is covered, so make sure those things that are important to you such as jewelry, antiquities, art and other items are itemized and protected as well. Even more important than protecting your material possessions is of course, protecting the people who enter your home. Make sure that your liability coverges are sufficient for any, “what if”, situation. When you compare high value home insurance, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. The professional agents, advisers, and risk managers, with Inside Insurance not only find all the discounts to ensure the best price, but also make sure that you are getting the proper coverages to keep your home as secure as it keeps you.

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