High Value Home Insurance Companies

It is estimated that almost half of all high value homes are underinsured.

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You have invested a significant amount of time and money into your home, so how do you find the right high value home insurance company? Did you know that not all insurance companies offer sufficient coverage for homes valued over $750,000? Did you know that if you are underinsured, you may end up paying for your claim under a protection insurance companies have in place called co-insurance penalty?

Has your current agent properly marketed your home within the vast insurance market?

Have you been with the same insurance carrier for more than 5 years?

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The typical homeowner insurance policy has various limits and exclusions. For example, items such as jewelry, silver, furs, firearms, securities and cash may not be fully covered under a “typical” policy. Due to these limits and exclusions the average home owner coverage, and insurance company may not be sufficient, leaving you uninsured or underinsured.

Most high value home owners also have luxury and custom items on display that could be an enticing target for theft. High value homes, vacation properties, and rentals need a little extra time and detail to make sure you have enough coverage for your personal property. Different insurance companies will have differing coverage requirements as well as coverage options, so it is important that you talk with someone who can help you get the right coverage, on top of the right amount of coverage.

Inside Insurance agents, and risk managers specialize in insuring high value properties.  For over 50 years we have developed partnerships with high value home insurance companies that are prepared and understand that you need coverage beyond what the typical home insurance policy provides. While a traditional home can be estimated over the phone, with a few simple questions, high value homes typically need a team approach and go through a more detailed underwriting process.

Inside Insurance, alongside one of our specialty insurance carriers will likely need to send out an expert appraiser to your home to document and assess your home to create a specific insurance plan.  As a quick reference some of the main items the company will address are as follows:

  • Custom building materials, features, and construction.
  • Landscaping, and detached structures.
  • Contents and personal property scheduled.
  • Liability for staff, guests, and family.

To assure you don’t miss anything when meeting with the insurance company, think of your meeting with the appraiser as a chance to showcase your home. We look forward to working with you and showing you why thousands of clients take advantage of the Inside.