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Inside Insurance is able to offer Trucking Insurance Quotes for Workers Compensation through our network of dozens of insurance providers throughout the United States. Whether you have been in business for 50+ years like us, or just starting out, we have the insurance companies to meet all of your commercial trucking insurance needs.

  1. Know your State Trucking Regulations: Whether you need traditional workers compensation insurance, or your drivers can carry occupational accident coverage; you need to be in the know so you do not face fines or lawsuits. Certain states require all drivers be covered through a work comp policy. Long haul drivers may increase exposures if an injury occurs in a state other than the state where you file your workers comp. Point being is there is a lot of variables that need to be considered.
  2. Safety Protocol: An active safety procedure is vital for all companies large and small. When an accident occurs, the last thing you should be worrying about is drivers that do not know what to do. Did you know that some states allow independent drivers to sue your workers compensation policy? Inside Insurance is ready to help identify problems and gaps in your coverage before they become a financial headache.
  3. Active Work Comp Rating: Do you know the experience modification factor rate your insurance company is using and why? ┬áDo you know what a trucking modification experience factor rate is? Inside Insurance provides all of our clients with an in depth breakdown of your workers compensation rates, and how you can improve on your rates. We believe that if we give you the “inside information” we will gain a partner for life.

Commercial Truck driving is the life blood of our way of life in America. Whether transporting lumber, or you are a household goods mover, the services you provide is what keeps us going. Inside Insurance is grateful for your dedication and diligence to get the job done! We look forward to the opportunity to gain your business and your trust as we assist you with how to find the most competitive trucking insurance quotes for workers compensation.

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