An HOA insurance policy is not a cut and dry situation…owners beware! home with soft

You have multiple coverages that need to tie in, take over, compliment, co-exist, and otherwise get along! The task of obtaining complete coverage can be more difficult than the unruly owner who has everyone up in arms at your HOA meetings.  When you have a master policy for the HOA, coupled with Directors and Officers coverage, and then combine that with the individual owner’s policies; you could be facing a perfect storm of exclusions, gaps, and insufficient limits for the HOA, owners, OR BOTH!

With over 50 years of personal lines and commercial lines experience Inside Insurance has seen it all, and has insured everything in between. With our in-house underwriters, and risk managers; we have the expertise to walk your through the necessary insurances for the HOA master policy, as well as the personal insurance coverages that the owners need.

Home Owner Associations are facing a greater risk each year as our society has become more and more litigious. Don’t make the mistake of “shopping for price” when it comes to protecting your community. Inside Insurance will walk you through the coverages needed for both the home owner and the association. After everyone is educated on the process of obtaining proper insurance, then we will be happy to shop and compare HOA insurance rates between the many A++ rated companies we independently represent.

As a board member, you are personally responsible to make sure your community is insured properly! With help from the inside, your HOA insurance policy does not need to leave you awake at night hoping that nothing goes wrong in your community. Inside Insurance will provide concise clear information for management, board of directors, and your entire community! When you are given the inside information about the insurance market, you will have the knowledge to choose the the best HOA Insurance for your community!

We look forward to showing you why thousands of clients have chosen to take advantage of the inside!

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